Diving Green Island

 It’s time for SNUBA® Diving

Diving Green Island has never been so easy ! SNUBA® is a shallow water diving system whereby customers can explore underwater up to 3 metres. No need to wear heavy equipment, the air tanks float on the surface and you breathe through a normal scuba regulator mouthpiece, this amazing experience is priced at only $159.00 per person. The SNUBA Doo® Power Snorkeling is when you remain on the surface by wearing a buoyancy jacket and using the SNUBA® raft to breath through a scuba regulator mouth piece, at only $129.00 per person, it’s great value.

To add either of these activities, simply choose your preference of 0900 or 1100 Full Day tour and add within the booking form.

Diving Green IslandDiving Green Island

  • Easier than snorkelling
  • No training or dive experience necessary
  • Professionally guided tours
  • Maximum 4 people per group
  • No heavy bulky equipment
  • Ultimate freedom without feeling claustrophobic
  • Enjoy at your own level of comfort
  • The safest way to explore the underwater world
  • An activity for the whole family
  • SNUBA® Diving for ages 12 to 80+
  • SNUBA Doo® Power Snorkeling for ages 6 to 80

SNUBA® was created for those who enjoy the simplicity of snorkelling and would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater. SNUBA® is a unique, patented shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between snorkelling and scuba diving.

Green Island DivingDiving Green IslandSNUBA Doo® Power Snorkeling is when you remain on the surface by wearing a buoyancy jacket and using the SNUBA® raft to breath through a scuba regulator mouthpiece.  It is a great way to get your confidence up in the water.  It is easier than snorkelling because you won’t get any water into your mouth, (which may happen with the snorkel tube).  You will also be close to the SNUBA® raft for additional surface support.

Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude some people from participating in optional in-water activities. Passengers are unable to use their own/rented camera for snuba underwater activities due to health and safety requirements, however pictures are available for purchase taken by our professional photographers.

Available on either the 0900 or 1100 Full Day Tours only.

Snuba Testimonials

May 2018 – “You have to try the snuba diving. Incredible reef experience with the most friendly, supportive, and reliable instructors. The marine life was everywhere. So easy and so safe. We are recommending this to everyone!!! Cannot thank you guys enough”

May 2018 – SNUBA is definitely a cool and unique way to get even closer to the reefs and sea life! The dive instructors are very helpful and friendly as they guide a small group out to an isolated site off shore from Green Island. The SNUBA technique is easily learned and becomes comfortable very quickly after being in the water. The oxygen tanks stay on the surface and enable you to dive deeper and stay underwater for long periods of time while not having to carry a tank on your back. We got to hand feed fish underwater and the exclusive photos were a bonus! If you take a trip to Green Island, don’t miss out on SNUBA! Thank you Grace for giving us a once and a lifetime experience!!

May 2018 – “Overall an outstanding package to spend a day on the water. From the first moment on arrival staff were happy, super friendly and approachable for assistance. But without a doubt, the highlight of the trip was the ‘snoba’ diving with dive instructors Benny and Gracie making my own and my mothers first every underwater experience one we will both treasure forever. Snoba diving is a combination between snorkeling and scuba diving without carrying your own oxygen tank but still gaining the full 3D experience of diving deep into the Great Barrier Reef. It was a pinch yourself moment and one I would highly recommend. Not once did I feel unsafe with dive instructors providing you with plenty of preparation before taking the plunge. The coral and fish were an array of colour and beauty, iconic to the Cairns region. We were also delighted with the sight of a green turtle. Put ‘snuba’ diving on your bucket list when visiting Green Island today!!”

May 2018 – “Great day trip to see Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef. Highlight of the day was definitely the SNUBA diving experience. It was my first time diving, the staff were extremely professional, reassuring, and made the experience extremely enjoyable. I would highly recommend Snuba, in particular for any first time divers as you don’t have to carry a tank or any equipment on your back, but you still get the same underwater experience exploring the beautiful reef. Great day with Big Cat overall”