Whale Watching

Whale Watching Cairns

Humpback Whales are regularly sighted on the journey to Green Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Our whale watching season is generally during the winter months of July and August, if travelling with Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises during this period, you may be lucky enough to encounter the magical Humpback Whales up close in their natural environment. These photos were taken from our Reef Rocket vessel between Cairns and Green Island.

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Whale Watching

Migaloo visits Green Island

On Friday 2nd September 2016 – “Migaloo“, one of only four reported white humpback whales in the world and Australia’s most well-known humpback, was spotted close to Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef,  by passengers and crew aboard Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises. Our skipper saw a pod of black whales so stopped the boat, these whales headed towards MV Reef Rocket and out of nowhere “Migaloo” appeared. We had some very lucky passengers travel with Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises that day.