Environmental Policy

Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises is a leading reef tourism operator within the Cairns region of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and Marine Park.

It recognizes environmental management as one of the highest corporate priorities and is committed to providing the best reef tourism product while being environmentally responsible, promoting environmental best practices and striving towards sustainability.

We are specifically committed to:

The Precautionary Approach

We will modify our services, facilities or activities, if necessary, to avoid real or potential environmental harm to prevent serious or irreversible environmental degradation.

Promoting Environmental Management

We will actively work with employees, government agencies and the community to promote and develop good environmental management, and will be actively involved in, and contribute to, the development of standards and regulations, which may affect our business.


We will ensure all our operations comply with relevant legislation, regulatory requirements and industry standards for protection of the environment, and where possible, strive to exceed these standards.

Preventing Pollution

We will promote and implement cleaner production principles in all aspects of our operation to prevent pollution, maximise resource efficiency and minimise waste.


We will foster relationships and communicate openly and constructively with staff as well as the wider community.

Monitoring Environmental Performance

We will conduct ongoing monitoring and reviews of all aspects of the operation to ensure the continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Maintaining Awareness

We will inform and motivate our staff, contractors and passengers to promote stewardship and ensure environmental awareness and responsibility is integrated into workplace practices, training and decision-making.

Contributing to the Community

We will be actively involved in, and contribute to, the development of standards and regulations, which may affect our business and contribute to the local and regional efforts to preserve and conserve the reef environment.

Following Emergency Procedures

We will develop, maintain and review emergency plans & procedures to ensure rapid and appropriate responses to emergency situations.

Policy Review

We will annually review this Environmental Policy and adopt necessary changes as required. The Policy will be re-issued to employees as appropriate.