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Cbwh, March 2017 Excellent customer service. Staff can’t do enough to help, especially when you have a baby in a pram. Pat and Ethan especially. A wonderful day out and would recommend to others – rain or shine. The semi-sub is excellent too..


Marcus, Feb 2017 Green island is beautiful I have been there a few times now I highly recommend the buffet lunch on board the boat and I also recommend the glass bottom boat I will be returning in march.


Bengelaru, Jan 2017 Next to nature, coral reef and awesome place to be for one day. It is one hour drive via sea from Crains and offers an amazng view to nature. you can do snorkelling, scuba diving to explore beauty..

Linda, December 2016 This is a beautiful island to visit and to also explore The Reef. Great trip on boat from Cairns. We went on glass bottomed boat followed by trip on semi submarine …… both fantastic experience and saw an array of tropical fish plus, turtles, stingrays and 3 sharks …… a highlight of our trip for sure..


Kim B, June 2016 All I want to do is go back and do it all again. I chose to do the snorkelling at Green Island and wow is all I can say.


Melissa Speer, April 2016 Had the most amazing day today onboard Big Cat Reef Rocket. Lunch was delicious, semi sub was beautiful and the Seawalker experience…totally amazing. Thank you to the entire Big Cat team.


Phillip Currusca, Feb 2016 Loved the Semi-Sub tour of the reef and Snorkeling Spots around the Island. The staff were very helpful. Particularly staff member Patrick gave me some tips for snorkeling spots around Green Island. My wife and I loved the day out we will be visiting again in the future.


Anjana, Nov 2015 Had a wonderful experience. The team is dedicated, friendly and very learned about the Green Island which makes this day cruise memorable for guests. My compliments to Tony, we enjoyed his commentary during the submarine while viewing the corals.


Zac C, September 2015  We took the full day tour with the 11am departure this was perfect for us as it gave a little more time in cairns in the morning for breakfast etc and then on to the quicker of the ferries for a day on Green island. The staff are extremely helpful and will tell you all the best spots to see fish and turtles etc. one of the staff in particular I think his name was Paul was going out of his way to make the kids on the ferry happy etc was great to see I can’t recommend this tour enough definitely a must do while in cairns.



Samuel Dixon, March 2015 Went with one friend was a fantastic day out enjoyed every minute of it. The green cat was very comfortable, and the crew were 10/10 in my opinion excellent would go again.


Chikau, November 2014  What an awesome day, friendly happy staff at the ticket counter right thru to waiting and waving goodbye to everyone at the wharf at the end of the day.
Definitely book a full tour including lunch, snorkelling gear, glass bottom boat tour and semi submarine tour. Everything is provided for you all you have to do is step on board.
The trip takes about one hour from Cairns to Green Island. Once there you can go snorkelling with gear provided by BigCat.
Words cannot describe what it is like to snorkel over the reef with stingrays and all the different fish and coral. Most awesome time ever.
Lunch is served on board and is buffet style with several yummy dishes fruit head etc all provided. The food was tasty plenty of it and you can take a break from your day sitting in the air on cabin to eat. The glass bottom boat tour was brilliant seeing sea turtles smuggled into the coral happy as can be was brilliant and perhaps the hi light of the day. There are so many different fish and coral types to see. The semi submarine tour is great you are about a metre under the water and cruise over the coral looking out all around you thru the windows you can see 360 degrees completely submerged and dry in the air com cabin
The trip with all inclusions is worth every single cent and as I mentioned it is worth to book all options.



Kos, July 2014  My family had a spectacular day at Green Island. I was a bit worried as I suffer from seasickness and having read some previous reviews but I took some Travacalm tablets before each trip on the Big Cat and had no problems, although the day we went we were blessed with fantastic weather. The staff were friendly, organized and professional. We decided to snorkel and go on the semi sub and we absolutely loved both. We decided not to have the buffet as I have many food intolerances so I took most of my own food and my family purchased food on the island. Great ice-cream shop there. Other people said the buffet was great though. All in all it was a fantastic day, excellent value for money, especially when compared with other reef cruises around. It was the highlight of my family’s trip to Cairns.


Sharon Davoli, April 2014  “We recently visited the Palm Cove area thanks to receiving some accommodation through Ronald McDonald House for my 8 year old daughter who has physical challenges. Big Cat Cruises kindly donated a day tour to our family…..this is not an insignificant amount of money that has been donated, but they put their compassion before their profit and this speaks loads for the culture of such a company. Thank you Big Cat Cruises for your kind donation and the opportunity for my daughter to get into the water and try snorkelling for the first time……it wasn’t the easiest task given her physical limitations, but the staff onboard couldn’t have helped more than they did….always looking out that we were being accommodated and treated fairly by other jostling tourists. There are angels that you come across from time to time and we found one in Big Cat Cruises…..we will always remember this trip and what you have done for us. X”


Brian Hodge, March 2014  “Hi All, Just a quick email to say thanks heaps for a great few days in Cairns, The first thing we did on arrival was the sunset cruise and it was awesome (the staff made it so much better than any other cruise) then on Sunday we went out to  Green Island and again the staff were fantastic and the trip over on the CAT was amazing and the glass bottom boat was unreal!!
Looking forward to seeing you all again next year or hopefully by December.
Thanks for the great experiences.”


BB, Brisbane, January 2014  “We recently enjoyed the full day trip out with Big Cat Green Island. The crew were wonderful, welcoming, helpful and very friendly, right from check in and throughout the whole day. We had a lovely trip over to the island and snorkelled as soon as we arrived (the snorkelling gear was distributed on the trip over – very efficient!). It was wonderful to see so many beautiful fish, a turtle eating sea grass and even a small reef shark. We’d worked up an appetite after that, so really enjoyed the buffet luncheon which was served on board (something for everyone) before heading off for a trip in the semi-sub. Very cool! Back to the island for more snorkelling (another turtle – that made our day!), a walk around and another swim. The whole day was wonderful and we felt we had plenty of time to enjoy the island. We highly recommend Big Cat Green Island for a great day out.”